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Specializing in Film/Video transfer of 8mm and S-8mm Home Movies and Family Video to Blu-ray & DVD Discs. VHS, Hi-8mm and 8mm analog video tapes to DVD discs are also our specialty. Return Digital Media can be on Mini-DV Tapes, DVD/Blu-ray discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives or Memory Sticks.

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Discount Specials for 8mm Film Transfer

DIGITIZE YOUR HOME 8mm MOVIES to Digital Video, Blu-ray Discs and DVD Discs. Also digital video data on Mini-DV or Mini-HDV Tapes, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks and Thumb Drives.

We do custom work on a personal basis using professional equipment.

Surprise Mom, Dad, Grandparents and the whole family with a DVD disc of memories when the kids were little and life was sweet.

Special Deals for early digital transfer.  If you want to create your own personal DVD discs for Family gifts, now is the time to get the source material (Film, Photos and Slides) transferred to digital.

  • Family Name included on Main Menu screen
  • All Film transfers are processed inside PC software for color balance and speed correction
  • One Family Title printed on surface of DVD disc
  • Slim Plastic case included with each DVD disc
  • Any extra DVD copy discs are $7.25 each with family project (one is included with project)
  • On any project over $150.00 cost (NC sales tax not included), return shipping is free
  • Plus any project over a base cost of $300.00, apply a 5% discount
  • Or any project over a base cost of $400.00, apply a 7.5% discount
  • Or any project over a base cost of $500.00, apply a 10% discount 
  • Shipments should be send now, but all orders must be received by us at least 14 to 28 days before you need them for your family projects and events.

Welcome to our Media Transfer Center

It is our goal to help you preserve your Family Home Videos, Photos, 35MM slides, 8MM or Super 8MM movies (silent or sound). We transfer and convert your old Family treasures onto HDV Digital Video tape, Mini-DV video tape, Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, DVD discs or Blu-Ray Discs. Our Telecine equipment is professional grade backed by many years of experience in film and video transfer. You will get personal service while enjoying some of the lowest prices in this industry.

For 8mm film home movie transfer, we use special Telecine projectors to project aerial images to a 3 chip CMOS HDV camera. This special process is a lens to lens transfer with no screens involved. The process has been developed to produce a frame by frame, flicker-free image with no hot spots. The color is enhanced and the image is sharpened digitally. The camera archives to a HDV video tape or a MiniDV video tape. This is true digital video, we do not "bump-up" an analog signal from a old fashion analog chip.

We achieve 8mm film resolutions and video resolutions of 1080i or 1080p for the High Definition Video (HDV) transfers or 480i or 480p for the Standard Definition Video (SDV) transfers

We give our customers a choice of either HDV or SDV transfers to fit your budget needs.

The digital signal can then be transferred or imported into a PC or iMac for further enhancement and editing. The finished movie or storyline can be recorded back to a  Blu-ray/DVD digital disc or other digital media .  Check out our low prices.

Our prices to transfer 8mm non sound home movie film to HDV or SDV digital video is based on film footage.  The relationship between film footage and reel diameters can be seen in the chart below. This chart will help you calculate your total footage and costs.

Table of Reel diameter vs. footage and costs

Diameter 3” Dia 4” Dia 5” Dia 6” Dia 7” Dia
Reel Size 50ft 100ft 200ft 300ft 400ft
HDV Transfer (1440x1080 lines) $11.50 $21.00 $42.00 $63.00 $84.00
SDV Transfer (720x480 lines) $8.50 $16.00 $32.00 $48.00 $64.00
SDV Transfer (720x480 lines) Raw-no color balance or speed correction * $7.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00 $56.00
* May be desirable for those DIY'ers who wish to create their own digital videos using their own software/computers


Our low prices for professional transfer of your 8mm film is, on average, lower than the "Big-Box" stores and your corner Drug stores. These Big Box stores have to send off your 8mm films to transfer factories that have employees, capitol equipment, buildings and a maximum profit to deal with. They require big business volumes of customers to survive. RainbowPixels.com is a family owned mail order business that deals directly with our customers and gives personal service.  Our services are professional quality with low prices and reasonable turnaround.

If you are in doubt about the amount of film you have, send the reels to us and we will give you a very accurate quote. Because not all large reels (4" diameter and up) are full, we check your film after arrival and report back to you with the actual costs of transfer. The costs will include checking and cleaning the film. The cost also includes putting a family title at the beginning of the digital video transfer. If you think the quoted transfer cost is too much, just give us the return postage and we will gladly return your film unharmed and in safe order.

Video home movie Transfer of your analog 8mm and Hi-8 video tapes to DVD, MiniDV Tape or other digital media is another service we offer. Your  8mm and Hi-8mm tapes can be transferred to digital. Check out our low prices.

Your home movies (film or video) can be transferred to DVD discs in either a simple, direct method or  by adding your personal family screen menu and selectable chapter points with background music. Check out our low prices.

We offer a great service at budget prices for customers who want good quality transfers for family use.

Who are we? See Archiving Films for more information

We have been transferring 8mm film to video since 1987 under the name "Memory Lane Video Services".  However, with the use of the internet in 2001,  we became RainbowPixels.com.  Starting in 1987 we resided in Greensboro, NC 27410, then in 2009 moved to Carolina Beach NC 28428. It started as a hobby by transferring our personal family films to video and soon spread to relatives, friends, neighbors and folks in the Triad area. We have always insisted on the best processes to preserve our precious memories. Now that HDTV and Digital Video has appeared in our lives, we are using our skills and experiences to upgrade the old films directly to modern HDV Digital Video standards. Old Kodak movie film reels and analog video tapes cannot last forever, but the new digital media will absolutely move our old family memories into the future. 

We are now a Mail order business doing business in North America and have a few friends in Europe and Japan. Our specialty is digital transfer of 8mm film and 8mm analog video.

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Phone Calls - 336-255-0594
            Available from:
                 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (EDT)
       9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday (EDT)
                 Other times; leave a message, we will get back to you. 
The Shipping Address for packages is:
3600 S. College Rd.
Suite E, PMB #309
Wilmington, NC 28412

The Mailing address for bills and payments is:

PO Box 3748
Wilmington, NC 28406

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We do custom work on a personal basis using professional equipment.

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