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Specializing in Film/Video transfer of 8mm and S-8mm Home Movies and Family Video to Blu-ray & DVD Discs. VHS, Hi-8mm and 8mm analog video tapes to DVD discs are also our specialty. Return Digital Media can be on Mini-DV Tapes, DVD/Blu-ray discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives or Memory Sticks.

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Any  video or images that can be digitalized  can be stored on DVD or CD Rom discs.  Playback can be either on your PC or on your TV. It does require the correct playback machine to read the digital signal. Most of the newer PC DVD players can read both CD and DVD. 

Creation of your own DVD discs is the way to show off your old home movies (8mm film or VHS video) to family and friends. It is also one of the ways to save them for future generations. The format is in MEPG-2 which is the same high quality as Hollywood titles and is far superior to VHS tapes. A DVD disc can only hold 20  minutes of Native Digital Video (DV)  format, but it can hold 2 hours of MPEG-2 format. This is because MPEG-2, as well as MPEG-1, are compressed files.  If you want to do your own editing of your movies, we suggest that a digital tape (MiniDV) be used for archive purposes and DVD and CD discs be used for entertainment. You can rip our DVD discs back to native DV files for editing in a PC but it is tedious.  

We can create CD Discs of your data. Either by using the film transfer or by using your tapes sent to us. Video used on CD's is in the MPEG-1 format which is considered less than broadcast DVD digital quality. Also, a CD is limited to only 70 to 80 minutes of video. However, it is useful for commercial multimedia viewing on a PC such as for personal entertainment, real estate and corporate presentations. Some CD-Rom titles can also be shown on tabletop DVD players that show Video-CD (VCD or SVCD).

Our prices for simple transfer of video tapes is only $10.00 per hour. That means a 2 hour analog VHS tape will only cost $20.00 on a DVD disc. A simple transfer to DVD disc means that there is no screen menu or selectable chapter points on the disc. A DVD disc with your personal menu screen and selectable chapter points would be $40.00 for the 1st hour and $25.00 for the second hour on a 2 hour disc.

Check our price page or email us for the cost of a personal, customized transfer. Don't forget that 8mm and S8mm home movie film must first be transferred to digital format  before being transferred to DVD discs. 

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