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Specializing in Film/Video transfer of 8mm and S-8mm Home Movies and Family Video to Blu-ray & DVD Discs. VHS, Hi-8mm and 8mm analog video tapes to DVD discs are also our specialty. Return Digital Media can be on Mini-DV Tapes, DVD/Blu-ray discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives or Memory Sticks.

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HDV and DV

As of September 2010, we are now offering both High Definition (HDV) transfers and Standard Definition transfers (SDV). We are in the process of revising the website to show the differences and pricing of the two types of digital transfer for 8mm film. The high Def will be 1440x1080i or 1440x1080p and the standard def will remain 720x480i or 720x480p. Return media can be just about any modern media, but Blu-Ray discs for HDV and DVD discs for SDV are the most popular.

Stay tuned.

RainbowPixels has moved again (1/01/2014)

After many years in one location, we have moved our media studio to a new location in North Carolina.  Effective August 1st, 2012, we will be operating out of the Wilmington, NC area. Please note our new shipping address and PO Box address.

The old PO Box numbers in Greensboro, NC, Burlington, NC and Carolina Beach, NC have been discontinued.  Also, we are switching from Roadrunner internet service to Bellsouth DSL service and back to roadrunner again. Please use this Website to send emails. Most old email may work, but it would be safer to use this website information.

The new shipping address for packages is: 


      3600 S. College RD

      Suite E, PMB 309

      Wilmington, NC 28412



Convert your DVD discs to editable PC or Mac files:

Have a family DVD disc that is encoded in a PC file format that you cannot work with and edit? We convert DVD files to generic  MPEG-2 format. Conversion cost is $12.50 per hour with a DVD-R data disc included. A one time set-up fee of $25.00 applies to orders under $100.00 for format conversion. If 8mm film is submitted for conversion to editable files, the cost of format conversion is in addition to the cost of film transfer to digital video. Other file formats are available for conversion. Call us or send a request form for a personal quote.

Any questions, please use our contact form

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