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Specializing in Film/Video transfer of 8mm and S-8mm Home Movies and Family Video to Blu-ray & DVD Discs. VHS, Hi-8mm and 8mm analog video tapes to DVD discs are also our specialty. Return Digital Media can be on Mini-DV Tapes, DVD/Blu-ray discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives or Memory Sticks.

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Please contact us with any questions. The pricing sheet is a good estimate of your costs, however, everyone has special requirements of their film transfer. We want to handle your needs correctly  and promptly.   

Sequence of Reels:

If you want the story line to be in any sequence, we need a number on each reel. Some folks really don't mind random sequencing of reels on video. Generally they intend to re-capture into a PC and do their own edit process. But if you want some quick copies for other members of the family, it is best if they are in sequence order.

Turnaround Time:      

Our normal turnaround time for 8mm film transfer is 2 to 3 weeks from the day we receive your order. Some projects take a little less time and some take a little longer. For quality's sake we can't be rushed. Once an order is received, we give a ship-back date that targets your project return.  

Minimum Fee:

For 8mm film transfer to SDV, we have a $49.95 minimum order, plus return shipping.
          For 8mm film transfer to HDV, we have a $79.95 minimum order, plus return shipping.
For video tape transfer to DVD disc, we have a $25.00 minimum order, plus return shipping


We require a deposit check or money order of $25.00 to cover our minimum fee to accompany the order.  We will e-mail the final cost after checking your film and reels. Final payment is required before return shipping.
Normal credit card (Visa, MC and American Express) payments can be handled by PayPal for customers who prefer electronic payments. Before sending any payments for PayPal, please use the question form on the pricing page to request a phone contact or the account e-mail for PayPal. Please don't send any sensitive electronic information by e-mail.
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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Checks and Credit Cards:

Any Checks or Credit card  payments should be directed to:
PO Box 3748
Wilmington, NC 28406


We suggest packing in sturdy, heavyweight corrugated cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap. If your shipping box has some extra space in it, we can reship it with your digital tapes and/or  DVD discs.  


We suggest that your film be insured to aid in tracking it by the carrier. If you prefer USPS shipping, you can send your package either to our P.O. box or the street address. If using FedEx or UPS, you need to use the street address. 

The shipping address for packages is: 


     3600 S. College Rd.

     Suite E , PMB # 309

     Wilmington, NC 28412



North Carolina residents Only:

The NC 7.00% sales tax will be added to the total.


Make checks payable to: RainbowPixels

Send  USPS mail  only (no Packages) to:


P.O. Box 3748

Wilmington, NC 28406


Due to the customization process of our services, there are no cash refunds. All Sales are final. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your order, we will work with you to correct the problem.  If necessary, we will, at our discretion, process your transfer a second time at no charge. If the original film or tape is over-exposed, under-exposed, soft, out of focus, off color or lacking color, etc. these glitches will not be corrected during transfer. RainbowPixels.com assumes no liability for the original film media. The original film media will be treated as carefully as possible, but old film/tape is subject to breakage. We use widely accepted worldwide standards for Blu-Ray, DVD and NTSC systems, however, due to the wide variation of playback machines and software programs, we cannot assure that your choice of playback machines, software programs and media are compatible.


Inquiries or questions? E-Mail Inquires:

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