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RainbowPixels.com Price Sheet

Specializing in Film/Video transfer of 8mm and S-8mm Home Movies and Family Video to Blu-ray & DVD Discs. VHS, Hi-8mm and 8mm analog video tapes to DVD discs are also our specialty. Return Digital Media can be on Mini-DV Tapes, DVD/Blu-ray discs, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives or Memory Sticks.

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Surprise Mom, Dad, Grandparents and the whole family with a DVD disc of Home Movie Memories when the kids were little and life was sweet.


    We are experienced in converting  home movie film to a more convenient media of playback in the home. R-8mm/S-8mm movie film is old fashion and out of date, however that does not diminish the need to sit down with loved ones and renew memories. Our method is a frame by frame, flicker less, no hot spot film transfer direct to HDV or SDV digital video. By transferring the film to a more modern and convenient playback media, we can enjoy memories and preserve these family treasures for future generations.  RainbowPixels can do the whole transfer process for you or you can pick and choose just the minimum services you desire. Our process works very well with a Do-it-Yourselfer (D.I.Y) budgets, where we can do the basic film digital transfer and our customers can edit and create digital discs for the family. We will send your memories back to you in a format that is useful to you in your personal family project. All home movie film is returned to you as received by us except it is cleaned and maybe repaired. 

    Our prices to transfer 8mm non sound home movie film to HDV or SDV digital video is based on film footage.  The relationship between film footage and reel diameters can be seen in the chart below. This chart will help you calculate your total footage and costs.

Table of Reel diameter vs. footage and costs

Diameter 3 Dia 4 Dia 5 Dia 6 Dia 7 Dia
Reel Size 50ft 100ft 200ft 300ft 400ft
HDV Transfer (1440x1080 lines) $11.50 $21.00 $42.00 $63.00 $84.00
SDV Transfer (720x480 lines) $8.50 $16.00 $32.00 $48.00 $64.00
SDV Transfer (720x480 lines) Raw-no color Balance or speed correction * $7.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00 $56.00
* May be desirable for those DIY'ers who wish to create their own digital videos using their own software/computers


If you are in doubt about the amount of film you have, send the reels to us and we will give you a very accurate quote. Because not all large reels (4" diameter and up) are full, we check your film after arrival and report back to you with the actual costs of transfer. The costs will include checking and cleaning the film. The cost also includes putting a family title at the beginning of the digital video transfer. If you think the quoted  transfer cost is too much, just give us the return postage and we will gladly return your film unharmed and in safe order.

Listed below is more detail pricing information.

We are also experienced in transferring your Analog  8mm or Hi-8mm  tapes to more durable and long lasting DVD discs. Your old video tapes will not last very long (20 years) and they deteriorate with each use. We can save them by transfer to DVD discs.

We have Simple copy discs and Deluxe copy discs. The Simple copy discs have no extra screen lead-in other than the one furnished on video plus invisible chapter points  every 5 minutes of video running time. The Deluxe transfer copy DVD discs will have screen menus and selectable chapter points per your choosing. We suggest limiting the number of chapter points and length of titles to keep from overpowering your audience.      

Prices for Film Transfer include:

bulletReturn media can be either a MiniDV-HDV tape, a MiniDV tape or a hard drive in Mpeg-2 format. (other formats available) bulletAll movie film is cleaned before running on projectors bulletMinor splicing and repairing is included. (large amounts of repairing and editing will cost $1.00 a splice. bulletA blank space is included between reels for identification of events. bulletA lead off family title is included at start of tape.

Prices for DVD discs include:

bulletEncoded copy of your furnished tape on  DVD-R disc bulletEncoded MPEG-2 on DVD-R can be played on PC or most newer DVD table top players. bulletDVD Simple copy discs will have invisible chapter points every 5 minutes of video running time bulletDVD Deluxe Discs will have Main menu screens and chapter points of your choosing



bulletReturn shipping must be added to prices below. For estimate, please email or use the form on the "contact us" page.  bulletPricing subject to change without notice, however written quotes are valid for 30 days.


Service Description


SDV Price (720x480 Lines) HDV Price (1440x1080 Lines)
Home 8mm movie transfers to video Transfer silent (non-sound) 8mm/S8mm or 16mm movie film to MiniDV tape. Film is cleaned, repaired and left on reels. A 60 minute MiniDV master tape is included. (you can substitute (at no additional charge) a simple copy DVD disc in lieu of the master MiniDV tape.

(A 60 minute HDV tape is included w/HD transfer)

Our minimum work of any footage up to and including the First 300 ft. of film. This minimum fee includes a DVD disc or MiniDV tape

$44.95 $44.95

Each additional small 50ft reel. 


Each additional foot of film on large diameter  reels

$8.50/each Silent

16 cents per foot Silent on large reels


Add 5 cents/ft to above prices for sound film

$11.50/ each Silent

21 cents per foot Silent on large reels


Add 5 cents/ft to above prices for sound film

DVD-R copies

Simple DVD copies of your 8mm or Hi-8mm analog video tapes and/or MiniDV & D-8 tapes to DVD discs.

Note: no lead-in title with simple transfer disc.


IF PC generated titles and chapter points are desired, see below.


This disc will  include  invisible chapter points every 5 minutes.

Also includes a surface printed label and plastic case

$15.00 for one hour and $25.00 for 2 hour disc

Note: Minimum work is $25.00 plus shipping

Not Available
Blu-Ray Discs PC created Blu-Ray discs of your High Def Source Material

Includes a main screen menu plus approximately 6 chapter points every hour of video

Not Available $55.00 for first hour  and  $35.00 for second hour.

Note: Minimum work is $55.00 plus shipping


Custom Titles Add titles preceding images or movie reel. Each title up to 20 characters $2.00 each $2.00 each
Custom Date Add event date preceding movie reel month/day/year $1.50 each $1.50 each
Custom Descriptions Add event detail preceding movie reel

Up to 100 characters

$5.00 each

$5.00 each
8mm Film Editing Assemble small reels of film onto 400 foot reels with plastic cases Includes splicing and editing $16.00/400ft reel $16.00/400ft reel
DVD-R Discs Your video source captured to PC with output to encoded MPEG-2 on DVD-R Disc

Includes Master DVD-R disc

PC generated Screen Title and 6 Chapter points per hour of DVD time


$40.00 for first hour and $25.00 for second hour Not Available
Label and Case Color printed label and clear DVD style case 

  Family Title and contents on Label for easy viewing

$2.00 per disc

$2.00 per disc
 PC Editing  Editing material using PC to customize Storyline. Use your photos, slides and movies

Assemble your story as you like it.

$50.00/hr $50.00/hr

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